Sophie’s 52

52 songs of certain importance

Of all things, it’s music that keeps me going through life.

Whatever mood or state I’m in there’s always a song ready to compliment my feelings.
Music feeds a strong emotional undercurrent.
Nowadays there’s virtually nothing in life that isn’t presented with an
“appropriate” tune to back up the purpose. Whether it’s a sports tournament or a simple traffic information broadcast, they all have their own anthems.

Such are the songs in this list, anthems of my moods. Expressing both the downs and highlights endured while trying to keep my life on track. It’s sometimes the melody and instrumentals, sometimes the narrative, but more than often the entire composition that fills in the blanks.
I’m not alone, there are many more lost souls out there trying to make sense of what the world is about through music. Pouring out their hearts in a poetic way that I will always dream about to master.
They express what I’m unable to put into words, doing justice to my sorrow, joy and angst.
I love and envy these artists in equal measures for being able to say so much with sometimes so little.
I listened, in sheer awe of their ability to reach into the catacombs of my soul and guide me through the decades . I owe them a lot, keeping the spark alive in my darkest hours.
Thank you guys!

This list of songs consist those ones that have special meaning to me, an unofficial soundtrack of my life if you like.
One for every week, hence the 52 😉
Continuing?…..till I’m done,………because there will be fitting songs for eternity……..